How to Shop for the Perfect Gym Leggings in 2020 [Checklist]

Everyone wants the perfect pair of leggings, those leggings that make you look good, but can also be counted on to not show what you're wearing beneath them while also being comfortable - YES, those leggings (sounds like a dream, right?). Well here at The Booty Blueprint, we've literally made it our mission to craft the leggings that can be relied on by all women of all shapes and sizes. But you may be wondering - what does make the perfect gym leggings and how do I find them? We hear you, so we've made the checklist below to help you get started on knowing what exactly to look for when buying ANY leggings for the gym.


1* Check that they're squat proof

Nobody needs see through bottoms in their life. Save yourself anxiety of a bum-display and try the squat test before you buy. It’s as simple as watching yourself move in the leggings in the changing rooms. You’ll feel like an idiot in the moment, but smug when you’re blasting your next workout class totally confident that your leggings aren’t exposing anything they shouldn’t be.


2* Check that they stay up

Another key factor when considering what gym leggings to invest in is whether or not they’re going to support you through 50 minutes of strength training, that deep downward dog stretch during your yoga time, or your very sweaty HIIT session. Low waisted leggings may work for some, but for many, the added worry of baring your midriff is another unwelcome distraction when you’re trying to focus on your deadlift form.


3* Make sure they're tight enough but not too tight

And finally, invest in gym leggings that actually fit you. In other words, make sure they’re not going to rip come lunge twelve or fall down on burpee four, either. It’s a fine balance, but one thing to bear in mind is that they will stretch with wear and tear, so sometimes choosing a more snug fit pays off.


4* Check what they're designed for

It may seem like you’re killing two birds with one stone by buying running leggings for the gym but you’ll seriously regret it when your zipper is digging into your back as you’re trying desperately to maintain focus (and form) on flutter kicks. As a general rule of thumb, running leggings need reflective panels and zips for energy gels, whereas gym leggings don’t need any fancy add-ons. Casual, everyday wear leggings often differ from high grade & pro performance leggings. This, you will be able to distinguish based on quality. For example, you’ll notice that our leggings  are created with premium materials, moisture-wicking, yet breathable, form fitting and comfortable, whereas other brands of leggings may be sheer and see-through (often a sign of poor or lower quality) and lower thread count, single seam stitching, or all out uncomfortable. 


So now that you have these four tips from our checklist of how to shop for the perfect gym leggings for anyone, the dreaded task of searching through pages and racks of leggings will now be a little - less daunting, right?


Comment on this article and let us know what you think! What are some of your favorite features or things to look for when it comes to buying that favorite or beloved pair of leggings? Sharing is caring!



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