Our Solution to Cellulite

Have Cellulite? Your not the only one! Many women have cellulite and it is a completely normal thing that happens to us. Whether it be your arms, legs, or even your stomach, cellulite is normal! While cellulite is normal, we as women tend to want to look smooth, and shapely and seek to get rid of our cellulite for good. Common causes of cellulite are….

While what you eat strongly encourages whether you have cellulite and how much you have in appearance, you can get rid of cellulite through healthy eating and simple exercises. 

With cellulite, it is very easy for us to become self conscious at the gym. I know I, for example, steered clear of wearing compression shorts, biker shorts… or any shorts really. As a tall, medium weight woman who works out regularly, I found myself with the problem of cellulite around the age of 26. I was not considered as overweight, I sat long hours at a desk job, considered myself to be fairly active, and thought my eating habits were “clean.” One day, while working on my legs (hooray leg day!) I was doing cable kicks while facing a mirror. I was confident, wearing my favorite pair or Under Armor compression shorts. I looked up to check on my form, and there it was… cellulite. I finished out my set and left from the area that faced the large wall mirrors...

While cellulite is normal, the reality is that when you look good, you feel good. How you look and how that makes you feel can subconsciously affect the quality of your overall workout. 

Our anti cellulite leggings help reduce and minimize the appearance of cellulite by compressing the stubborn unshapely curves for an overall more flattering appearance.

anti-cellulite butt scrunch leggings


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