Top 5 Most Effective Leg Lunge Exercises

The following exercises can be done with dumbbells, a barbell, kettlebells, or even no weights at all.

#1 Backward Lunges

From a standing position, take a wide step backward and touch your knee to the floor. Raise back up to an upright position and repeat with the opposite leg.

#2 Forward Lunges

Pretty much the opposite of the reverse lunge.

#3 Lateral Lunges

From a standing position take a wide step to the side and drop until your leg is at least parallel to the floor and raise back up to the original position and repeat with the opposite leg.

#4 Curtsy Lunges

Almost the same as backward lunges accept that you cross your foot over and behind your other leg.

#5 Walking Lunges

A favorite among the lunge exercises are walking lunges. A good idea is to perform these last when your glutes are already pretty exhausted. To get a full-blown pump, keep your steps wide and make sure to touch your opposing knee to the floor when doing walking lunges.
For info on how to maximize the effectiveness of the lunge exercises mentioned, see how to activate your glutes for the best results!

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